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Subject: Re: Null move R=2 vs Null move R=2/3

Author: Vincent Diepeveen

Date: 13:22:05 08/10/01

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On August 10, 2001 at 00:13:01, Pham Minh Tri wrote:

>>I bet R=3 comes out as best when you do that with francesca.
>Hi Vincent,
>I know that you "hate" futility pruning, but I bet nullmove R=2/3 + normal
>futility pruning is better than R=3 in terms of tactics ;-)

Not for DIEP, as eval picks up more combinations in DIEP as search
with futility does.

>>>109 games were played.
>>>A small sample, but as I alluded to in earlier postings, R=2/3 might be
>>>*slightly* better for Francesca. Loads more games would be needed to verify this
>>>with any certainty, of course..

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