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Subject: Re: Authors and programs. The compiled list V2

Author: Fernando Villegas

Date: 14:57:04 05/13/98

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On May 13, 1998 at 13:16:37, Peter Fendrich wrote:

>(Version 2)
>a lot of good chess programmers are here!
>My initial purpose with this was to know what people meant with
>statements like "My program plays this and that..." so my interest was
>ongoing projects. Not the record of programmers.
>That should exlude Cray Blitz, Socrates and RexChess? But I have no
>problems with extending the list with history and even programmers
>outside CCC, later on.
>Lets start with the current chess program projects by people within CCC!
>Amir Ban              Junior
>David Blackman        Desperado
>Ole Kjaer Christensen Sigma Chess
>Don Dailey            Cilkchess
>Vincent Diepeveen     Diep
>Ulrich Tuerke         Comet
>Peter Fendrich        Terra
>Ernst A. Heinz        DarkThought
>Bob Hyatt             Crafty
>Brian McKinley        WildChild
>Stefan Meyer-Kahlen   Shredder
>Bruce Moreland        Ferret
>Franz Morsch          Fritz
>Roland Pfister        Patzer
>Frank Schneider       Gromit
>Ed Schröder           Rebel
>Lenard Spencer        Skunk
>John Stanback         Zarkov
>Christophe Theron     Chess Tiger
>(This looks as a table for me, but maybe not for you...)
>Some questions to you all:
> Thorsten and Fernando, you have both contributed with great values to
> the chess computer society but not by programming - or?
> How about Markus Gille? Is he a Co-programmer of DarkThought? Is he a
> CCC-member?

Hi Peter:
No, I scarcely know how to program the Video recorder. Nevertheles, to
do this maybe is a lot more difficult than to program a chess program

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