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Subject: Re: Time control legend

Author: David Blackman

Date: 22:29:20 05/13/98

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On May 13, 1998 at 13:52:30, Don Dailey wrote:

>The thing I notice about Fritz is that even on 1 ply, most of its
>moves are reasonable, at least positionally.
>- Don

If Fritz relies mostly on pre-processing and piece-square tables,
as many people suspect, then it should make good positional moves
at 1 ply. This is because the (slow, knowlegable) pre-processor is
operating on a position very similar to the leaf nodes where
the piece-square tables are used.

Positional problems should only show up on the deeper searches.
And even then, most of the moves will look superficially ok. The
positional mistakes will be to do with playing for a postional goal
that is going to disappear in a few moves due to tactics. You usually
can't see that this is wrong unless you calculate through the tactics

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