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Subject: Re: Authors and programs. The compiled list (a few left out)

Author: Steven Schwartz

Date: 14:10:03 05/14/98

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On May 14, 1998 at 16:31:45, Peter Fendrich wrote:

>But that's not all currently ongoing projects which is my only
>restriction set by now. Otherwise I could probably give you 75-100
>Do you remember The Spracklens, Larry Atkin, Peter Frey and even
>That what just came to my mind in seconds as free associations...
>So starting with the "living" ones, I'm interested of who they are in
>your list.
>Maybe we could extend the list in future. Great visions but small steps
>is kind of my cup of tea... :)
>I have to handle teams in some way.
>Maybe like this?
>aaa aaaaaaa       pgmA(1/3)
>bbb bbbbbbbbb     pgmB
>xxxx xxxxxx       pgmA(2/3)
>cccc ccccccccc    pgmC
>yyyyy yyyyyy      pgmA(3/3)


A thought... how about collecting ALL the programmers
but dividing them up into current and past. Both your
list and Dann's list are VERY comprehensive and perhaps
some of the members can add to it even further. Then,
when we are ready to format them into our CCC Resource
Center, we can also place an asterisk next to the
programmers who are CCC members as well.
- Steve

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