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Subject: Re: Botvinnik the chess programmer...

Author: Peter Fendrich

Date: 14:47:08 05/14/98

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On May 14, 1998 at 16:54:23, Danniel Corbit wrote:

>Botvinnik?!  Is this Botvinnik who wrote a chess program "the" Mikhail
>Moiseyevich Botvinnik?!

Yepp! His program Pioneer (translated from russian to swedish to
english. I hope it's ok) never really showed up in any tournament or in
any other way either.
Some people claims that there is no program at all! I think it is...
In his book "15 partij i ich istorija" translated to swedish, in english
"Botvinnik about chess" (1983) he claims that the programming started
1963 when he after 13 year lost his title. In the same book (the swedish
version) I wrote an extra chapter, called "Some words about chess
computers" and that's why I had to get some data about his program.
There wasn't much to find except articles written by himself and others.
The program was describes as some kind of collection of mathematical
formulas  like a huge evalaution code with som minor searches.


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