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Subject: Re: Time control legend

Author: Dave Gomboc

Date: 22:46:04 05/15/98

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On May 15, 1998 at 16:53:14, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>On May 15, 1998 at 10:40:52, Dave Gomboc wrote:
>>On May 14, 1998 at 08:57:46, Vincent Diepeveen wrote:
>>>... could be true. This means [Fritz] simply has no knowledge about what
>>>to exchange. This is also the big weak point of Rebel.
>>>Ed schroeder states here that he is relying on leaf evaluation.
>>>In that case, rebel doesn't have code about what pieces to
>>>Main point is that you may not evaluate the exchanges. You should
>>>look to the material that you keep afterwards. So the resulting
>>>I dunno why Rebel+Fritz+genius and some others
>>>are so horrible in these exchanges, but my first guess was piece square
>>>tables. Now i say: perhaps mobility is a reason too.
>>>The common thing of all these programs compared to Crafty, Zarkov, Diep
>>>and some others is that they lack mobility terms.
>>Crafty only has mobility for bishops at this point.  I think Ferret is
>>not using a general mobility term either, if I recall correctly.  The
>>trend has been to move away from measuring mobility (well or badly), not
>>toward it.
>>Dave Gomboc
>Correct, but not for the reasons you'd suspect... IE it has nothing to
>do with performance, since mobility costs practically nothing in my
>But, in most cases, particularly for the queens and rooks, mobility is a
>"result of winning", not necessarily a "cause of winning."  My very
>eval in Crafty was 100% mobility.  It didn't work well.  Now, other
>replace mobility with more useful information, such as rooks on
>open files... this increases mobility, but is a measure of *useful*
>rather than general mobility.  The queen is a good example, that often
>you move it to the square where it has the most mobility, that square is
>"gross"...  from a strategic point...
>For bishops, I haven't done much yet, which is still on my todo list, so
>mobility is still used there.  But for all the other pieces, I believe
>are *better* positional terms than simple mobility...

Actually, I expected what you said, :-) because you've said it in
previous posts.  Mobility seems to be one of those things that come up
every three months or so.

Dave Gomboc

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