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Subject: Re: First weekend in Leiden - Testpositions and 2 quotes

Author: Gian-Carlo Pascutto

Date: 01:51:58 10/29/01

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On October 29, 2001 at 04:39:29, Uri Blass wrote:

>I do not understand exactly the second question
>programs do not have a score for the next best move

If b4 is played, how long to see it loses, i.e. black
gets better off. There does not have to be an exact answer
or an exact score or time, just an indication how soon a
program smells the trouble.

>It is also not clear what score is meant to see that b4 is losing.
>Programs with evaluation that is not symmetric may see that white is losing when
>they play white and not see it when they play with black.

If they're assymetric then that's their problem. I'd at least
expect a positive score for black.

>It seems that at least it can happen to Crafty necause it is using anti
>symmetric evaluation.
>The score of Crafty at depth 8 for b4 is 0.67 for white when the scores after b4
>at depthes 7,8 are more than +2 for white(see the analysis in the end of this

This is what prompted Feist's comment. Junior seems to understand
this very well.


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