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Subject: Re: Chess Tiger 14.6 Dutch Open Champion 2001!!

Author: Gian-Carlo Pascutto

Date: 12:16:25 11/04/01

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On November 04, 2001 at 12:23:01, Thomas Mayer wrote:

>Congratulations to Gerd Isenberg and his IsiChess - fantastic result - also I
>think Gian Carlo will now be satisfied with his Sjeng - beating a commercial
>engine is always something special... :)

I sure am :)

I felt very sore after the loss to Crafty. Sjeng said it was a draw,
Crafty said it was a draw, but Michel played on. 20 moves later the
6 extra plys Crafty were searching proved to be decisive and it was
all over.

The draw vs Gambit Tiger more than made up for it. It was a
half point where I really hadn't expected one. A draw vs the
later winner!

Rebel-Sjeng was less enjoyable. Sjeng didn't find the plan,
it didn't find any plan in fact. Rebel just put it's pieces
on good squares and squeezed it to death. I already wanted to
resign at move 14, but that would have been rather silly.

The win vs. The King was the topping on the pie. Sjeng said
+2 the whole game, whereas The King thought it was about
equal. After Sjeng hit the b2 pawn the observers were kibitzing
things like 'now it's over' and 'you can't do that vs The King'.

Well, I guess you can :)

Hearing IM Rob Hartoch praise Sjeng's play was also _very_ enjoyable :)

>I hope we will see some of those engines in the near future as winboard >engines, last statement from Gerd Isenberg was that he may try that... Also I >have some hope with SpiderChess and very cool would be a Kallisto II - WB->version... :)

Martin Giepmans told me he was going to make a WinBoard version, so your
wish may come true.

I think that if you were to ask Gerd for it right now, he wouldn't
refuse. I can't remember seeing someone that happy.
It was unbelievable. Just seeing the grin on his face made me feel
happy too :)

Some more interesting facts:

Fritz7 NoMMX will not be developed further. Fritz7 MMX on the
other hand has more evaluation but it is not ideally tuned yet.
Morsch will release updates which should increase performance
significantly beyond the NoMMX version.

SpiderChess does not use nullmove. EEC did not use a search.

Johan De Koning _does_ read this forum regulary, just like
Frans Morsch.

Gadget played with a Noomen book.


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