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Subject: Tired of searching? ...Direct link here!

Author: Christophe Theron

Date: 15:40:38 11/04/01

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On November 04, 2001 at 15:25:14, Theo van der Storm wrote:

>On November 04, 2001 at 12:23:01, Thomas Mayer wrote:
>>Hi Kevin,
>>pasted from
>>Ranking after round 11 of Open Dutch Computer Chess Championship 2001
>>No.  PNo.  Name                       Score WP    SB     PS    rat.  TPR  W-We
>>  1.    2  Chess Tiger 14.6            9.0  70.0  57.75  55.0  0000  -   0
>>        3  Rebel-Century 4             9.0  66.0  50.75  52.5  0000  -   0
>>  3.    1  Fritz                       8.5  62.0  40.50  49.0  0000  -   0
>>Congratulations to Gerd Isenberg and his IsiChess - fantastic result - also I
>>think Gian Carlo will now be satisfied with his Sjeng - beating a commercial
>>engine is always something special... :) (Johan must have a horror now from
>>those to him unknown winboard-engines... :)
>>I hope we will see some of those engines in the near future as winboard engines,
>>last statement from Gerd Isenberg was that he may try that... Also I have some
>>hope with SpiderChess and very cool would be a Kallisto II - WB-version... :)
>>Greets, Thomas
>Modest Jeroen Noomen said one had to be lucky
>to win such a tournament. Nevertheless a
>fantastic achievement. He also got a complement
>from Rob Hartoch (IM) for good opening play.
>I hope to meet Christophe Theron some day,
>but I realise Guadeloupe is on the other side
>of the globe.
>Congratulations to the Tiger/Rebel team!
>Gerd Isenberg has also done very well indeed.
>Gian-Carlo Pascutto improved on the Sjeng program by Adrien Regimbald,
>that's why both are listed as participants. See also:
>All games are now available via:
>Lucky Diep finished half a BP above The King.
>compact round results:
> # Name          1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10   11  P   BU
> 1 Chess Tiger  4w1 12b1  8w1  2b1  7w=  6b0  5w1  3w1 11b= 13b1 10w1 9.0 70.0
> 2 Rebel Cent 4 9b1  6w1  3b1  1w0  4b1  5b=  8w=  7b1 10w1 11w1 16b1 9.0 66.0
> 3 Fritz       11b1  5w1  2w0  4b=  8w1  7b1  6w1  1b0  9w1 16b1 15w1 8.5 62.0
> 4 Isichess X   1b0 14w1 10b1  3w=  2w0 13b1  9b1  6w1  8w=  5b=  7b= 7.0 70.0
> 5 Diep         7w=  3b0  6b= 14w1 10b1  2w=  1b0 15w1 12b1  4w=  8w= 6.5 66.5
> 6 The King    13w1  2b0  5w= 12b1  9b1  1w1  3b0  4b0 16w1  8b1 11w0 6.5 66.0
> 7 SpiderChess  5b= 16w1  9b0 11w1  1b=  3w0 12b1  2w0 15b1 14b1  4w= 6.5 59.0
> 8 KallistoII-X 4b1 10w1  1b0  9w=  3b0 15w1  2b= 13w1  4b=  6w0  5b= 6.0 65.5
> 9 ANT          2w0 13b1  7w1  8b=  6w0 12b=  4w0 16w1  3b0 15w1 14b= 5.5 56.5
>10 Crafty18.13 15w1  8b0  4w0 13b=  5w0 14w1 16b1 11w1  2b0 12w1  1b0 5.5 55.5
>11 Sjeng        3w0 15b1 12w=  7b0 13w0 16b1 14w1 10b0  1w=  2b0  6b1 5.0 58.0
>12 Tao         16b1  1w0 11b=  6w0 15b1  9w=  7w0 14b1  5w0 10b0 13w1 5.0 52.5
>13 Xinix        6b0  9w0 16b1 10w= 11b1  4w0 15b1  8b0 14w1  1w0 12b0 4.5 53.0
>14 Morphy XP    8w0  4b0 15w1  5b0 16w1 10b0 11b0 12w0 13b0  7w0  9w= 2.5 52.5
>15 Gadget      10b0 11w0 14b0 16w1 12w0  8b0 13w0  5b0  7w0  9b0  3b0 1.0 55.5
>16 EEC         12w0  7b0 13w0 15b0 14b0 11w0 10w0  9b0  6b0  3w0  2w0 0.0 59.5
>see you again!
>Theo van der Storm

Here is a direct link to the tournament page:

No offense Theo, but it took me ten minutes browsing through pages written in
dutch before I managed to find what I was looking for.

I hope we will meet. Actually I'm tired of having to stick my nose on my
computer monitor in order to learn that Tiger has won... or has played badly.

That's no fun and I would much prefer to meet everybody in person and drink
beers with you all.

But on the other hand, just today I was on the beach and it was real good too...


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