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Subject: Re: Don't pay DeKoening any more currency until he improves the King engine!

Author: Tina Long

Date: 21:31:14 11/04/01

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On November 04, 2001 at 20:31:28, John Dahlem wrote:

>If De Koenig did retire, I wonder where the Chessmaster franchise would turn?
>Chessbase has gobbled up every major engine except Rebel and Gandalf, and Ed has
>rights to those two.. I think it could be interesting if it happens.

Well CM5k, 6k & 7k all had the same Engine & still sold, so I'd expect them to
spend 50% developement money on a new Box, & 50% on GUI, tutorials, little
movies, bells & whistles, etc, for about three upgrades.

After all strengthwise the current engine will Always beat 95% of humans, it
will just slowly beat less & less other programs.

I'm not knocking them for that, as long as they try hard with the bells &
whistles, & provide the enhancements their public wants, then not increasing the
engine strength from (say) 2500 to (say) 2550 shouldn't matter to most of their

Tina Long

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