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Subject: Re: Dutch CC all games available

Author: Gerd Isenberg

Date: 23:31:42 11/04/01

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Thanks Theo for this very well organized tournament. Congrats to Cristophe, Ed
and Frans. For sure I am very happy with Isis fourth place with lucky wins
against Crafty and The King - due to their opening choice. Respect to all
participants, specially to Hans and Emile - Gadget without transposition table
and NullMove, EEC witout any search at all!

The last round against SpiderChess was a bit disapointed, i think for Martin
too. Both progams had a small negative evaluation a few moves after the opening
book - so repeating the position was for both programs the "best choice". I have
to implement a kind of early contempt factor to avoid this.

Was the fact that Fritz had to play EEC and Gadget in the two last rounds an
indication that 11 rounds swiss are too much for 16 participants? On the other
hand playing a tournament like this on two weekends with three 90 Minutes games
a day is quite perfect.


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