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Subject: Re: Suggestion: "ChessMaster Pro"

Author: John Merlino

Date: 08:46:08 11/09/01

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On November 09, 2001 at 03:11:58, Jason Williamson wrote:

>So there is no plans to make Chessmaster connectable to other chess servers
>then?  A shame if some degree...good in the fact that way there won't
>be 1,000,000 chessmaster bots on the ICC to fight the 1,000,000 Tiger bots :D

"Connectable to OTHER chess servers"? No.

Connectable to OUR chess server? Yes. The original Chessmaster Live had as many
as 700 people connected to it at any one time, and that was with Chessmaster
5500, which admittedly was the worst selling version of Chessmaster ever.

We have high hopes for the next version, thanks to Ubi Soft's name being a
little more recognizable than Mindscape.


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