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Subject: Re: High NPS vs. Low NPS

Author: Mike Hood

Date: 03:08:19 11/26/01

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On November 26, 2001 at 00:35:10, Tina Long wrote:

>On November 25, 2001 at 21:19:57, Russell Reagan wrote:
>>Why are programs like Chessmaster and Hiarcs, which look at ~75k nps, still able
>>to play a decent game with a "high nps" program like Fritz which looks are
>>approximately 10 times more nps? Are Hiarcs and CM knowledge based programs
>>while Fritz's strength lies in it's speed?
>From my non-technical viewpoint you are approximatly correct.
>Chessmaster & Hiarcs are examining each node for ten times longer & therefore
>must be "thinking" about a lot more things at each node.
>I've also noticed that Hiarcs7.32 goes longer in its extensions than Fritz6.
>eg: Hiarcs will after say 2 minutes have looked at 8/31 while Fritz has looked
>at 10/29.  I have no data, I just think I've noticed that.
>It sounds (from posts here)like Fritz7.001(MMX) is more knowledge based &
>therefore slower than Fritz6.
>Tina Long

And Fritz 5.32 is even faster than Fritz 6 in nps.

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