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Subject: Re: Conversion to dual positions for EPD testsuites?

Author: Dann Corbit

Date: 09:47:59 11/26/01

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On November 26, 2001 at 12:43:49, Leen Ammeraal wrote:

>Does anyone know if there is a utility to
>convert an epd testsuite to an equivalent
>one in which the roles of White and Black
>are swapped? For example,
>[D]8/8/1kpp4/8/2P5/2K5/8/8 w - - bm Kc2; id "MES.0008";
>should be converted to
>[D]8/8/2k5/2p5/8/1KPP4/8/8 b - - bm Kc7; id "MESDUAL.008";
>I would like to use this to check if
>some code fragments for White and Black in my
>program are equivalent.
>I could write this utility myself, but I am lazy
>enough to prefer using one that already exists.

Even better, your original record:
[D]8/8/1kpp4/8/2P5/2K5/8/8 w - - bm Kc2; id "MES.0008";

Is converted to this:
[D]8/8/1kpp4/8/2P5/2K5/8/8 w - - bm Kc2; id "MES.0008-XTDa.1-";
[D]8/8/4ppk1/8/5P2/5K2/8/8 w - - bm Kf2; id "MES.0008-XTDb.1-";
[D]8/8/2k5/2p5/8/1KPP4/8/8 b - - bm Kc7; id "MES.0008-XTDc.1-";
[D]8/8/5k2/5p2/8/4PPK1/8/8 b - - bm Kf7; id "MES.0008-XTDd.1-";

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