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Subject: Re: Intelligent software, please

Author: Ed Schröder

Date: 01:16:54 11/27/01

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On November 26, 2001 at 17:10:37, Steve Maughan wrote:

>>>I never tried the idea to evaluate based on depth so from experience I
>>>can not say the idea is good or bad. The downside of your above idea I
>>>can imagine is that for instance a Nc7xa8 rook capture is rejected at a
>>>15/16 ply depth while it is really needed to take the rook.
>Hmmm, not sure that this is a problem.  It will only be rejected at 15/16 ply if
>the knight really cannot get out.

That's too simple IMO.

Realize the impact on search, at each higher iteration search will try to
get the knight out by force, by all means so to say and I wonder if that
is a good way. Also realize all the possible ways to delay the Nxa8 capture
and for instance needlessly giving away a pawn in order to capture the rook
one or two moves later.


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