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Subject: Re: Bringer is a gem

Author: Peter Berger

Date: 12:59:27 11/29/01

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On November 29, 2001 at 13:42:22, Mike S. wrote:

>On November 29, 2001 at 13:19:26, frank zimmer wrote:
>>I wish all programmers were as good as him! Great program that installs
>>completely with no fuss or muss! Thanks!
>True, it's a complete modern windows chess program. Feature-rich GUI, good
>program (I think approx. 100 elo below the best amateurs though, but catching
>up). I recommend it constantly to newcomers who ask for chess downloads. It can
>be used as a WinBoard engine as well.

The German computer chess magazin CSS has recently published a _scientific_
engine test ( CSS "Worldmaster Test"). The results for current Bringer 1.9 betas
are slightly below Rebel Century and slightly above Shredder, Chessmaster and
Hiarcs 7.32 :-).

Also in cct-3 Bringer beat Hiarcs 8 alpha and drew Fritz and Shredder ;-)

OK - yes, it's possible and likely that Yace or Gromit are 100 points ahead of
Bringer still IMHO ( if we talk best amateurs) ..


PS: Duh - am I serious ? Dunno ;) - honest I am .

>Noticable is, that in 28 test positions - an extract from my previous suite -
>Bringer 1.8 achieved the same number of solved positions like Chessmaster
>8000/The King 3.12c (which was just faster, max. time was 6 minutes).
>1.9 has not yet been released it seems.

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