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Subject: Re: I want to SEE.

Author: Matthias Gemuh

Date: 02:13:34 12/21/01

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On December 21, 2001 at 04:33:12, Matthias Gemuh wrote:

>Hi Experts,
>my move ordering bad (about 75%). Can someone tell me how to SEE ?
>Alternatively, where can I find information on how to SEE ?

A search in CCC has revealed what Prof. Hyatt has/had to say:
Static Exchange Evaluator... a procedure that looks at all possible
captures on a specific square and returns a score based on the expected
gain (or loss) of initiating the first move of the exchange sequence...

used to order captures for one thing... and to cull outrageously
losing captures for another...

It can speed up the search by a factor of 2 or 3, assuming you aren't
doing anything "good" about ordering your capture search yet. If you
apply SEE to each capture, sort based on the score returned, the tree
will shrink. If you toss out captures (in the q-search) where SEE
returns a score < 0, you will get another big reduction... and if you
use the SEE score to defer losing captures until after winning captures,
hash move, even exchanges, history and killer moves, you will save even
more time...


Please, add more comments if you have any.


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