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Subject: Re: Fritz7 o-o-o bug

Author: Joseph Merolle

Date: 05:48:33 12/24/01

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On December 24, 2001 at 07:15:10, Hans van der Zijden wrote:

>On December 24, 2001 at 00:19:03, Joseph Merolle wrote:
>>My computer plays ooo in 1/8 of a sec , maybe you put the posiontion in via set
>>up and  for got to check castling set up.
>>GM Joseph Merolle
>No, I didn't. It was a game I played on the ChessBase-site. I loaded it from the
>database and played forward, having Fritz7 analysing the best 3 moves. It
>couldn't be a setup mistake, because if I keep pressing "+" after there are 56
>best moves showing, Fritz finally realises there are 57 possible moves in this
>position and immediately shows o-o-o as the best one. I know several other
>owners have found this castling bug, but every position may help to find the

Go to your data base and find the game Karalkin-Kuzmin rus championship 2001 its
takes my program 2 min a 30 sec to find 17 000 for  the secound best line. Try
reenstoling and up grapding one more time?

GM merolle
>Greetings, Hans.

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