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Subject: Re: When to RecordHash()?

Author: Sune Fischer

Date: 08:02:39 12/26/01

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On December 26, 2001 at 07:11:28, Georg v. Zimmermann wrote:

>first I think its not a good idea to call the move stored in your hash entry a
>"killer" since killer moves are something different, used by some in move
>ordering. It is generally better to explain what exactly you are trying to do
>than using "buzz" words in a misleading context.
>I realize this sounds unfriednly, but that isnt the intention :).

What is the difference then?
A killer is the move you search first to get a cutoff, you stick this in the
table along with the beta flag.

>From your question I guess that you have one search() function that calls itself
>recursively in an AB algorithm. And that your main() calls that search() to get
>the best move.
>It is better IMHO to use one searchRoot() called by main() that calls search()
>for all the moves at the root. That will allow some search enhancements.
>It will also solve your HT problem, since even when a probe in search() at ply1
>returns only a value, but not a move, searchRoot() will know to which move this
>value corresponds.

I did that at first, but I decided to simplify. Perhaps I will go back to that
if I get any enhancement ideas:)



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