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Subject: Re: Storing the PV in a search routine

Author: Roberto Waldteufel

Date: 11:03:09 06/12/98

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Hi Bruce

Thanks for your reply. Perhaps my implementation of PV was inefficient,
I don't know, but I certainly noticed a speed-up when I removed it. The
point I was making was that the hash table contains all the necesary
information to construct the PV in the vast majority of cases (I use 1 M
entries for each side, 2 M in all, and I don't often find my PV is
overwritten). Thus when I maintain the PV separately as well, I am
mostly duplicating information I have already stored. I tried with and
without hashing, and with and without PV. Ifound PV saved a lot of time
before I used hash tables, but failed to earn its keep when used with
hashing as well. I can well imagine that this may be hardware and
compiler dependant, but that's how it turned out for me.


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