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Subject: Re: Very easy mate to solve. Correction!!!

Author: leonid

Date: 04:11:56 12/31/01

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Hi, Heiner!

By thinking about your remark about defender side, I found that I did one
mistake. To be sure that this time I not lost next "small" nuance, I went
actually back to my mate solver code to read it before speaking. There I found
what I wanted to find and even why I was confused about "active" and "passive"
moves. But before every thing else, exact mate solver move construction.

Each move, composed from attacking and defending ply, contain identical sorting
for both sides. The same move generator and two move sorting for two plys. Both
sides try as hard as they can reach mate.

In attacking side it is only move that lead to mate that is solved as the next
"best move".

On defending side it is move that lead to mate, or last move of search that is
saved as "best move".

Previous mistake from my side was in saying that it is only move that lead to
mate that is saved for defending side.

One mistake, even before my last, I found when reading description of defending
side. There "best move" is saved in variable that is "best passive". In reality,
here this move have nothing to do with "best passive move", even if it use this
variable. This variable have sense in other part of chess program.

Sorry for mistake!


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