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Subject: Re: Zero-width Window Null Move Search

Author: Ren Wu

Date: 12:04:26 06/16/98

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On June 16, 1998 at 04:14:16, Dezhi Zhao wrote:

>I am happy that you share the same experience and results with me.
>Here is the "vapor-ware" story:  When I compared NegaScout to PVS, I found
>the savings are virtually negligible (only hundreds of nodes per 3 millions).
>I post the results to Crafty mailing list ( and got responses
>from Dr. Hyatt  and Vincent Diepveen. They had simliar test results. Vincent
>mentained that PVS is the best. And Dr. Hyatt thought that the negligible
>savings is not worth the additional structral complexity NegaScout imposes
>to the search, and that it seems to be a "vapor ware".  I think it is a
>expression, even for a Chinese like me.

I see, thanks.

>My program is still under construction. I think it is now in Expert level.
>It can easily beat average players without opening book and pondering.
>Currently it searches around 100K nps on Pentium plain 133.
>I have a long to-do-list. I'm not as opmistic as I was when starting this
>personal project with a goal of Master level.
>I am a great believer in bitboard approach. However Chinese chess
>has a board of 9*10 squares instead of 8*8.  I am now fighting the arcane
>rules of reptition which are not easily and correctly handled as you know.

That is pretty good!

>Tell me something about your Chinese chess program. The best commercial
>program as I know is a product of T-Time Co in Taiwan.  Are you  one of
>the authors?

No, I am not one of the author of that product. But my program can beat it
without problem.  I've been doing computer chess and computer chinese chess for
more than 12 years.

>PS: I often play at a Free Xiangqi Server, u can visit
>my account is dzhao.

Thanks, I may try this again. Last time i visited there, it is not very good. Do
you have to operate your program manually there?

>Best Regards
>Dezhi Zhao

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