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Subject: Tao at ICC

Author: Bas Hamstra

Date: 08:18:05 01/17/02

Played Leila/Crafty/Yaces/Tigers/Fritz/Hossa 15/0 and 30/0 at ICC:

statistics for TaoYin(C)         On for:    0     Idle:    0

          rating [need] win  loss  draw total   best
Standard    2534         12     5     3    20   2534 (17-Jan-2002)

 1: Chess program Tao 5.00
 2: Athlon 1.4
 3: Bas Hamstra (

At these rapid tc's it does ok so far. Hardware was mostly comparable (only
Hossa on a 800 Mhz machine). At first sight it seems to do not bad at all
against Crafties and Yaces on equal hardware. It might very well be totally
different at longer time controls, no idea.

Best regards,

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