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Subject: * Little Goliath UCI will come *

Author: CLiebert

Date: 13:37:12 01/21/02

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Last year I posted a message that Little Goliath 2.8 will come,
a year before that AMD will release a new Duron CPU. So what?
Do you always refer to the oldest messages ignoring the newer ones?

Good morning, Frank/Volker!

In you will find an detailed info about the new
patch, including the info that fritz will support uci and wb.
Everybody read it, you didn´t?! It was written on january, 18th, it was the
latest info about this matter.
Time enough to read this, isn´t it?! For you, too, or doesn´t this info
suits to your campaign against fritz/cb?!

BTW. for all other readers here who don´t like such stuff some real infos:

Little Goliath will release an UCI-Goliath, too, I just got the beta.
Frank Schneider (Gromit) told me yesterday that he considers too of making
an UCI, may be later this year.


PS: ich werde mich jetzt ausklinken, meine Herren, sonst diskutieren wir
demnächst noch weiter alte Meldungen als wären sie der letzte Stand! Bye, viel
Spaß noch dabei, wenn sonst nichts bei euch anliegt... ;-)

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