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Subject: Re: CCT4 notes - Hossa

Author: Carlos Andrade

Date: 16:38:09 01/21/02

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On January 21, 2002 at 06:51:01, Steffen Jakob wrote:

>>Round 4: Hossa - Qalat (1-0)
>Again I didnt know much about this opponent. After the first moves it
>was clear that Hossa was outsearching Qalat. But the position was
>rather blocked and for a long while no progress has been made by both
>sides. In move 61. black opened the position with 61... cxd4 and Hossa
>got a fail low! I wasn't surprised because Hossa really sucks in
>endgames although I made some improvements in rookendgames... and this
>was a rook endgame. After some moves Hossa recovered and managed to
>create a passer at e6 and to get some active rooks. After a short
>while the game was won for Hossa. Nevertheless Qalat gave a tough
>fight in this game.

Thanks for the comment.

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