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Subject: Pre-Processor Rules (Re: Zero-width Window Null Move Search)

Author: Ernst A. Heinz

Date: 11:38:05 06/19/98

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On June 19, 1998 at 13:44:09, Don Dailey wrote:

>I  am looking through  some old diskettes looking  for the source code
>for REX  and other older programs.   I am afraid  I may have lost this
>stuff.  If I find it I will email the "rulebase" to  you.  It would be
>fun to reimplement  it (I think it would  be easy  for a progammer  to
>implement the code directly without  having to recreate the  language)
>or simply  get some ideas  from it.  Larry   was a genius  at creating
>these kind of  rules.  He had the  right combination of being a strong
>chess programmer and having the ability to elucidate this knowledge.


If Larry and you really do not object to giving your "old" pre-processor
rules away then please post them here or at least send them to me, too!



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