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Subject: CCT4 - Thanks to All

Author: Gerd Isenberg

Date: 12:53:30 01/27/02

Thanks to All,

specially to Volker and Folgers, and all Participiants. Nice to meet you. My
first online Tournament - not less exciting than real "offline" Tournaments.

Quite happy to reach 50% in this very strong field, due to a lucky draw againt
Crafty. I will post some test positions in the next days, where Isi faild.

And i promise, that was my first and last online tournament, a played manually.

The cheating potential is very high, when you play manually.
Two aspects:
1.forcing easy moves
2.waiting entering moves, if ponder hit in critical situations.

The second one even appears, if you are a while away from your PC. So it's
strongly recommend to play automaticly - and may be to have common log-files.

Some programs whispered their PV: "ah, it's expects Qd6 draw" and you see your
programs variation avoids draw by a loosing line and score of +0.01.
Nice to give the program more time then. In my opinion it would be better to
play quite - even in auto games.

cheers Gerd

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