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Subject: Re: CCT4 Experiences

Author: William H Rogers

Date: 16:33:26 01/29/02

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On January 29, 2002 at 03:42:51, Benny Antonsson wrote:

>Maybe you could answere Danns message about Grok :) ?
>"Mind-blowing amazement.  I would like to hear what techniques he has used in
>Java engine.  When you see a cow that can run in the Kentucky Derby, it makes
>you wonder what they have been feeding her."


My program was written in Qbasic and compiled with Quickbasic 4.5
One of my opponents, I think it was Pyotr was written in Jave not me.
It seemed that he still had a lot of bugs and could only run about 5 plys.
In my tournements I ran 6 plys until the number of men had been greatly reduced
then I was able to set depth to 7 Plys. Every little bit helps, you know.
My program is not rated, but I estimated that it should be around 1800 or so.
It also appears that my program plays better if white than black.
I have no opening books, no hash tables and no end game table bases, just pure
old fashioned logic.
A copy of the program is available for downloading at the cct4 web site. I made
a change before the last weekend so that it beep after it made a move, in that
way I would know when it was finished thinking as most of the time I was busy
sending messages back and forth between different players in the tournement.

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