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Subject: Re: Detecting Draws using a Small Hash Table?

Author: Sune Fischer

Date: 08:37:55 02/21/02

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On February 21, 2002 at 10:46:17, Uri Blass wrote:

>>I think just doing what everybody else is doing can save a lot of time, hard to
>>be innovative all the time ;)
>No way
>I am not going to do things in the same way that other do them.
>I dislike this idea.

Me too, but I believe eventually you will end up doing more or less the same,
because you will discover this is the best way.

I think, that if I need information about attacking directions, I can do a few
bitoperations on the attackboards and get only what I need and no more.

Ideally we would like to know it all and search infinitely deep etc. but we
can't. The challenge is to make the best compromises, and generating a lot of
information that you are not even sure how to use, doesn't sound like a good
compromise IMO.

Eg. do you really need to know all the attack directions on every pawn or
bishop, really? Honestly I believe 95% of that information will be wasted.

I think the fun is in generating the information you need and nothing more.
Ideally I would like to generate one move at the time and try that before
generating the next. However that would make for a bad moveordering, so I should
make a compromise and generate *some* moves, sort them and if they don't cutoff
then generate some more and so on. This is how people are doing it, generating
and sorting all the moves are just waste of time.


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