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Subject: 2nd International CSVN Tournament 31 May-2 June

Author: Theo van der Storm

Date: 15:11:00 02/24/02

2nd International CSVN Tournament 31 May-2 June 2002
Leiden, Netherlands

This is an invitation to potential participants of the
second international CSVN tournament, which is played
in three consecutive days. With this tournament you
can keep in contact with other chess programmers and
keep momentum in the development of your program.
The playing tempo will also be reasonably swift,
90 minutes per player for the whole game. The playing
hall opens on Friday at 12:00am, Saturday and Sunday
at 09:00am. Each day three rounds are played.
On Saturday there will be a break for the annual
CSVN member's meeting.

Here is information for potential participants.
First some rules:
 Entry is open for all nationalities. CSVN membership
  is not required for this tournament.
 The programmer, being someone who programmed at least
  a significant part of the program must register as a
  participant, possibly together with other team members,
  who have also contributed.
 The source code of the program may not contain
  pieces of published programs, unless the authors are
  in the team.
 The participant arranges a computer by himself,
  so no equipment is made available by the organisation,
  but on request at registration an Ethernet UTP port
  with shared 33 kbit/s Telnet/Internet connection
  will be made available for remote access. In order
  to use this, you need to bring a network-enabled
  (laptop) computer with UTP cable to Leiden.

Although not strictly required, we request the programmers
to be present themselves to operate their program and
explain its background. Please register by sending
e-mail or ordinary mail to Cock de Gorter,
Valkenboskade 607, 2563 JE 's Gravenhage, before April 20th.

He is interested in the following information:
 Name of the program and names, roles and
  presence of the team members.
 Names of all authors of the source code of the program
 Correspondence and e-mail address
 Indication of playing strength (for new programs,
  recent games are requested)
 Type of computer and number of processors on
  which the program is running simultaneously
 Used algorithms, operating system, programming
  language and compiler
 Size of the program (lines of code) and
  the opening book (positions)
We look forward to your entry.

Theo van der Storm, secretary of the CSVN
(Computer-Chess Association Netherlands)

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