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Subject: Re: What was Chess Challenger 7 thinking?

Author: Fernando Villegas

Date: 07:24:42 03/07/02

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This guy, Ron Nelson, was indeed the programmer of CC7 fidelity unit.   BTW It
was not that basic as to play or accept ilegal moves. Some day I requested them
in Fidelity some explanations about the search technique of this machine  and
the answer was, more or less, the following:
level 1: just two ply, full width
level 2: three plys full width
level 3: I do not remember
level 4: 4 plys full witdth
level 5: three full width plys, then two selective
level 6: two full width plys, then three selective
level 7: 5 full width plys.

Respect the new machines he program in Excalibur, at least the hand held models
has the novelty of doing every thing with the tiniest processor available today.
Ron is very proud of it. Ron, BTW, is an old man considerd by the criteria of
the average of age of programmers, Ed included. Cleary Ron was and is a bright
guy and merits some hoopla.

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