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Subject: Re: Which is the strongest Delphi chess program?

Author: Matthias Gemuh

Date: 16:16:58 03/15/02

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On March 15, 2002 at 05:19:22, Andreas Herrmann wrote:

>On March 14, 2002 at 20:33:08, Matthias Gemuh wrote:
>>On March 14, 2002 at 16:26:50, Andreas Herrmann wrote:
>>>I want to play a tournament with all Delphi chess programs, that i know, in the
>>>next days/weeks.
>>>Each program will play 4 games against each other (perhaps more).
>>>I think the level will be 40 moves in 20 minutes or 40/40.
>>>Here the current opponents:
>>>program     version    author               nat. GUI
>>>31337/Celes 0.40       Johan Hutting        NLD  Winboard
>>>Bestia      0.8        George Lyapko        UKR  Winboard
>>>Crux        05.0j      Laszló Szalai        HUN  Winboard
>>>Delfi       2.40       Fabio Cavicchio      ITA  Winboard
>>>Goldbar     17.10.2000 Bart Goldhoorn       NLD  own GUI
>>>Holmes      0.8.0      Andreas Herrmann     GER  Winboard
>>>Ikarus      0.18       M. + M. Kolls        GER  Young Talents
>>>Monarch     2000.03    Steve Maughan        ENG  Winboard
>>>MyMax       1.8        Otmar Spriestersbach GER  own GUI
>>>RDChess     2.05       Rudolf Posch         GER  own GUI
>>>ZZZZZZ      5.0        Gijsbert Wiesenekker NLD  own GUI
>>>If you know from another Delphi chess program that i can download, please let me
>>>Have you developed an own Delphi chess program and you want to enter my tourny,
>>>i would be lucky if you send it me per email.
>>>Andreas Herrmann
>>My HyLogicChess is developped in BC++ Builder 5 with GUI/Winboard/UCI.
>>It therefore uses the VCL, like the Delphi progs.
>Hello Matthias,
>very interesting. Is it one program that offers GUI,Winboard and UCI or are
>there several programs.
>Where can i download your program? It's also interesting for my Winboard rating
>have a nice day

Hi Andreas,
HyLogicChess is 3-in-1. I will send you a beta version.
Don't include it yet in tournaments.
I am still coding eval function, ponering, and analysis.
It can ponder in UCI mode, but buggy.
Put in different directories to install Winboard and UCI modes.
5 seconds delay at start-up in GUI mode.
Only 800x600 screen now in GUI mode.


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