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Subject: Re: pondering and XBoard, WinBoard

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 14:48:18 07/07/98

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On July 07, 1998 at 13:19:21, Alessandro Damiani wrote:

>Hi all!
>With XBoard one can program pondering using interrupts (SIGINT). But WinBoard
>doesn't interrupt search and Tim Mann doesn't recommend the use of signals.
>How can pondering be programmed that it works with XBoard and WinBoard?

You have to have two pieces of code.

For unix/xboard, use select() to see if you need to read something from stdin,
which is how xboard communicates with the chess engine.  If select() says that
a read is possible (put stdin in the read list for testing here) then you just
read a line and do whatever is required.  Beware of using scanf, fgets or
other buffered I/O, because the I/O library can read stuff into a buffer, and
the select() will fail.  Look at CheckInput() in Crafty, and go to utility.c
and examine ReadInput() to see the easiest way to do I/O.

For winboard, you need to use PeekNamedPipe() instead.  There is an example of
this in Crafty as well, in function CheckInput() in utility.c...

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