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Subject: Re: search extension

Author: Ernst A. Heinz

Date: 03:26:41 07/08/98

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On July 08, 1998 at 06:20:18, Inmann Werner wrote:

>To make ma program faster I included Null-Move and a cutoff one ply
>before the horizon, if the position is "good".
>On the other hand, simple mates go beyond the horizon (also because of
>small quiet search).
>My idea:
>If I do a Null-Move it Cuts if greater Beta. OK
>if it is much lower than alpha I extend the search, because it could get
>to some interesting mate.
>The idea behind: In Null move the other side can do 2 moves in row. If this
>gets to a very high score (mate) it is interesting enough to extend.
>I made some tests, and the program really found the mates 1 to 2 plys faster.
>Also, the program does not get much slower.
>Is this a "good idea". Why not use Null-Move the other way round?

Sounds like you reinvented the so-called "deep search extensions".

For more information, please search for the key words "deep search"
in the titles of older CCC posts of mine.


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