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Subject: Delphi and the UCI Protokoll

Author: Martin Bauer

Date: 15:20:10 04/18/02


has anybody experience with Delphi and the new UCI Protokoll?

In my small chess program it works so far, but I have a some problems i want to
fix. They are very Delphi specific.

First problem:

commands are closed by \n (=ASCII #10). But the readln command of delphi expects
#13#10. I did a work around with something like that:

var c : char; s : string;
  s := s + c;
until #10

now s is the command. But that looks not nice.

second problem:
the engine must always be able to process input from stdin, even while thinking.

What is the best and efficient way to do this?

I tried a timer, this works fine if the program is running without fritz, but
with fritz the times stand still while calculating. May be this is a problem
with the namesspace?

Any better ideas?



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