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Subject: Re: is the

Author: Bruce Moreland

Date: 07:31:08 07/24/98

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On July 24, 1998 at 09:28:26, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>in any case, the "paging" should be a flurry as most people see when they ask
>"Why does crafty take 10 secs to make the first book move, and then  0 seconds
>for the next 20 on my win95 machine, while on your linux box it can make the
>first 20 moves in 0 seconds?"

Something is funny about Windows '95 in this regard.

The first time I boot my program it just sits there for a very long time.  It's
not acting like the machine is thrashing or anything, I'm not getting a reduced
node count and a lot of I/O, I'm getting *no* node count, it gets stuck during
initialization, and if I am listening right I'm not hearing the disk going

Ten seconds is about right.

There is no reason why a machine would have to do this just because it's using
virtual memory.  Something else is going on.  It is annoying but not fatally so.

I don't experience this with other applications, so maybe it has to do with the
profile of the average chess app -- huge initial memory allocation.


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