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Subject: Re: is the

Author: Komputer Korner

Date: 14:18:25 07/29/98

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On July 29, 1998 at 11:14:09, Ernst A. Heinz wrote:

>On July 29, 1998 at 08:08:01, Komputer Korner wrote:
>>the RAM for hash tables, you will get swapping on every move.  Shredder 2 won't
>>even allow swapping. It just refuses to start when more than 50% of RAM is used
>>for hash tables. Fritz 5 is interesting. In the hash table dialog box you can
>>enter 90% of the RAM for hash tables in WIN NT 4 but in the Task Manager, you
>>can see the real amount allowed in the ntvdm.exe shell that manages all the
>>Fritz processes. With 144Mb of RAM and a single Fritz engine it allows only 69
>>Mb of RAM to be used. With engine vs engine, it goes to 78Mb RAM total for all
>>engines even when I load 60Mb each!!!!!!!!!
>>Komputer Korner
>Thank you very much for enlightening me!
>Stupid me, I always thought that "ntvdm" was the "Windows NT Virtual Memory
>Device Manager".
>Now I only wonder why Microsoft ships this alleged "Fritz shell" with each
>copy of Windows NT ... :-)

Look, I know that it is a WIN NT file. My point is that all the programs
including Fritz get managed by this executable. The point of the blocks of hash
being in powers of 2 is valid but here is an example. Shredder allows 96 Mb for
a hash tabele. That is one of the settings. However it refuses to run with that
setting om my 144Mb RAM machine. Surely I have enough extra RAM to accomodate a
96Mb hash table, but I can't Shredder won't take more than 48Mb plus 8 Mb  more
for the pawn hash table. There are many other examples of programs swapping when
hash tables are chosen that are more than 50% of the total.
Tom Kerrigan hasn't addressed this issue.

Komputer Korner

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