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Subject: Re: is the

Author: Tom Kerrigan

Date: 09:09:12 07/30/98

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On July 29, 1998 at 18:36:43, Komputer Korner wrote:

>Tom, I am only pointing up what I see. You know far far more than I do on these
>matters. The amount of memory that the OS and the program needs to run is
>peanuts compared to the sizes of hash tables.

I don't claim to understand everything about what Win95 does with RAM. I just
wanted to clear up some glaring misconceptions you had about how chess programs
and disk caches work.

I'm sorry that you don't understand exactly how your chess programs use memory,
but I don't see why you get so upset about it. For all we know, Fritz uses twice
as much memory as it reports, or Shredder only uses pawn hash tables every other
Tuesday, etc. Different programs work differently. Find settings that are
appropriate and forget about it.


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