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Subject: Re: Perft 5,6 {Fastest program is List}

Author: Dann Corbit

Date: 15:06:40 06/05/02

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On June 05, 2002 at 17:52:52, Sune Fischer wrote:

>On June 04, 2002 at 19:47:07, Dann Corbit wrote:
>>It would be nice for every program to provide perft
>I did it so it can be run from winboard (Alt-1) and then the result pops up with
>telluser perft 5 = x. Is this acceptable winboard behavior?
>>Also auto (where the program plays against itself)
>I had that once, took it out because I didn't find a use for it.

I think it is *the* most useful command.

1.  Profile sessions -- you get 100 percent of your program's effort churning
away even on a single CPU machine.  You can figure out where the hotspots are
much better.

2. Analysis -- If you give a program long time control, set up a position, and
let it run in auto mode, it will give you a far, far better pv to work from than
sitting on the same spot for the same time frame.

>>Also EPD test suite processing.
>is there a tutorial or some instructions on how to do that?

Here is the PGN standard, from Heiner's page (it popped up first in the search
for some reason):
Look at section 16.2.

Also, Crafty has a fancy-pants EPD processor written by SJE himself.
Beowulf has a public source EPD processor section.
Sjeng has a public source EPD processor section.

Lots of other engines have EPD processing.  It is important to both read and
write EPD.

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