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Subject: Re: is the

Author: Roberto Waldteufel

Date: 12:45:05 07/31/98

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On July 30, 1998 at 12:58:39, Torstein Hall wrote:

>I have run Win 98 for nearly two weaks now and it have kept on running like a
>clockwork for two weaks now. And I have used it for games, chess, wordprosesing,
>drawing etc. Perhaps its the best bug fix I ever paid for!
>( Win 95 used to crash about once every week or so. )

Hi Torstein,

OK, I'm about ready to move to another operating system, but which one?
It seems there is NT3, NT4 and Windows98, and presumably NT4 is better than NT3,
so I guess it's a choice between NT4 and Win98. Has anyone compared the two? Can
they both handle RAM use for hash tables bigger than 50% of system RAM without
going berserk like Win95 does? Is there any speed difference to be taken into
account? Is it true that Win98 runs all programs that run under Win95? Bob tells
me that NT cannot do this. Have you found any examples of programs that run
under Win95 but not under Win98?

I have heard talk of Unix and Linux operating systems, but never actually seen
one. Those with experience of them seem to speak favorably about them. Can
anyone tell me a little about these OS's and how they compare/differ from

I think it speaks vollumes about Win95 that by way of comparison other Windows
versions are considered virtuous simply by not crashing! To my way of thinking
this is something which simply should not be open to question - if it keeps
crashing, it doesn't work, and no reputable software company would continue to
market such a product.

Best wishes,

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