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Subject: Re: is the

Author: Komputer Korner

Date: 12:23:11 08/02/98

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On July 31, 1998 at 09:46:57, Torstein Hall wrote:

>On July 31, 1998 at 08:27:50, Komputer Korner wrote:
>>On July 30, 1998 at 12:58:39, Torstein Hall wrote:
>>>I have run Win 98 for nearly two weaks now and it have kept on running like a
>>>clockwork for two weaks now. And I have used it for games, chess, wordprosesing,
>>>drawing etc. Perhaps its the best bug fix I ever paid for!
>>>( Win 95 used to crash about once every week or so. )
>>I agree that WIN 95 crashes a lot, but it has been unfairly maligned about its
>>virtual cache and RAM grabbing. If you have enough RAM you will see that there
>>is no difference between WIN 95 and WIN NT in the anount of RAM that is grabbed
>>for the virtual  cache on the same machine. I have a dual boot setup and both
>>operating systems grab about 20 Mb of RAM for the virtual cache (lots more of
>>the hard disk also).  The problems everybody has been reporting are because of
>>the small RAM they are using. For chess programs you need at least 128 Mb of RAM
>>and then you can load 64Mb of hash tables ( up to 88-90Mb if the program
>>allocates this amount).
>>Komputer Korner
>Do not misunderstand me, I'm probably one of the few persons in the world who
>really liked using Win 95. Even with only 48MB :) But win 98 is in my view a
>super bugfix, it makes everything much more stable. ( and a bit faster and a bit
>more convinient. ) And you can still use more or less every program ever made
>for the x86, whish I belive gives you NT users a lot more problems!
>How are you doing with your NT and Chessbase? Did the service pack help?
>..and by the way. SP4 is on its way!

As you can see from another post, I am still having problems (translates to
can't) using ONLINE Upgrade with CB 7 on WIN NT 4.

I tried installing all 3 in different orders (WIN NT4 SP3, IE4 SP1, and CB 7 to
no avail.  I agree that WIN 98 is much better than WIN 95 (even though I don't
have WIN 98) because Microsoft themselves admitting to fixing 3000 bugs in WIN
Komputer Korner

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