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Subject: Precomputed move information

Author: Sune Fischer

Date: 05:25:42 07/02/02


I've read that GNU chess used to have a precomputed list of moves, and it would
use a lookup in that list rather than generate the moves.

I don't like that idea, but if instead one created a large table to contain
information needed when _making_ the moves, then that would probably yield a
good speedup.

For instance if using rotated bitboards, then at every move one needs to update
the rotated bitboards which requires lookups in tables, masking and additional
hassle to remove a piece if the move is a capture.
Some of that is has got to be very cache inefficient.

Now, with a precomputed makemove table, we could have these delta keys ready for
one single mask, and we need but one lookup to get all the required delta-keys.

Downside: the size of such a table is quite large:
64*64*6*6*2*sizeof(MoveInfo); // from,to,pawn-king,null-queen,color
(enpassent and promotions are special cases)
I get a total of about 14 MB, which is a little high I think.

Assume this gives a boots of overall 2%, is that worth 14 MBs?
Probably not, however it does actually simplify the code since fewer lines are
needed in making moves.
I would no doubt use it had it been 1 MB, but 14 MB that is a lot IMO.

I couldn't find anything via the search engine about this (though I'm sure it
has been discussed), so has anyone done something like that and are willing to
share their experiences?


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