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Author: Christophe Theron

Date: 12:19:30 07/21/02

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On July 20, 2002 at 19:46:38, Bruce Moreland wrote:

>On July 20, 2002 at 16:21:10, Christophe Theron wrote:
>>No it's just that I see that this is going to degenerate pretty quickly into
>>name-calling due to Bob's nature and your -in my opinion- unjustified comment.
>>Yes your comment was mild, but it was not justified (again, in my opinion). I
>>know Bob is going to react very harshly, and before he does I prefer to ask the
>>one who was wrong (you, in my opinion) to reconsider.
>>If I don't act immediately I will have to moderate Bob, and I'm not sure what is
>>going to happen then. :)
>It is so incredibly good for you to have this job, and it's so incredibly good
>for me to not have it.

I think we will survive. :)


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