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Subject: Re: Hint for threads OT/OnT

Author: Rolf Tueschen

Date: 08:18:17 07/22/02

Go up one level in this thread

On July 22, 2002 at 09:32:36, Uri Blass wrote:

>On July 22, 2002 at 09:12:00, Rolf Tueschen wrote:
>>if you see a headline that does not fit, then simply answer the post with the
>>"wrong" header and _then_ change the header. Then, only then your post will be
>>part of the whole thread. Otherwise our new post will open a new thread. I.A. if
>>you write a new post and give it the new header.
>>Rolf Tueschen
>I changed the subject but decided not to delete the previous words because
>I thought of the possibility that people without a lot of time may look only
>in posts with the same subject that they were interested.
>They may remember that they were interested in a post with the subject
>moderation(not about moderation) and look for posts with the title moderation
>and if I change the subject they may think that there was no reply.

I was expecting that people would read CCC both in "newest posts" mode (click on
date) and the "thread" mode (click on thread). The latter clearly shows your
answer in the original thread even if you changed the subject line but _only_ if
you took the former post you answered on (technically)! I discovered that by
chance a long time ago.

Rolf Tueschen

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