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Subject: Re: MODERATION(the title is misleading and it is about programming)

Author: Allen Lake

Date: 22:06:31 07/22/02

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If this is the way you really do your coding for Movei, I can't wait to see what
Movei will do when you improve your programming knowledge.  Congratulations on
your accomplishments so far.

Let me tip my hat to you for your perseverance and give a strong second to
Miguel's suggestion that you pick up a programming book or two.  The time you
spend in learning some of the basic points made here will be saved manyfold in
faster development time later.

The thought of programming something as complex as a chess engine the way you
are doing it makes my head hurt  ;)

Keep up the great work -- but please try "working smarter, not harder", for your
own sake.  Time is a precious resource, so save it when you can.

On July 22, 2002 at 03:47:32, Uri Blass wrote:

>Commenting is the way that I used.
>Today I have a code to print the line that movei considers every time that some
>condition happens in my program(the condition is changed).
>I used that code often when I found some bug in my program.
>It is commented as
>If I want to print the line that my program considers I simply change it to
>and compile again.
>I found it as more simple than deleting the comment because if I delete the
>comments I need to think where to put them again.
>I never used #if or #endif in my program.
>I guess that I could find bugs faster by better programming(the only way that I
>tried to detect bugs was by changing the source code and asking the program to
>print some information that it calculates).

[-- Miguel's comment snipped}

>I am sure that my programming can be improved and working together with another
>programmer about movei could also help me, but for that purpose I need to find
>another programmer that I can trust to keep the ideas that I use as a
>secret[except using them for his own program(unfortunately I have to say his
>because I do not know about a single female who developed a good chess
>Most of the ideas that I have are not used today in movei.
>One of the reasons is that I was too lazy to try to implement them and I use too
>much time to watch my program play or analyze and not to try to improve it but
>part of the problem is that it is not easy for me to implement the algorithms.

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