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Subject: Pepito 1.55 ( Read for fixes)

Author: Nolan Denson

Date: 08:20:16 07/31/02

29-07-02 -> v1.55

           - Recent code migration to separate uci/xboard modules caused several
             bugs in uci compatibility: setting up a position, time control X
             moves in Y minutes, using ownboook when it shouldn't and fixed
             depth searches.

           - As I was tracking down the uci bugs I found another cute one in the
             root search. Root moves were being searched twice !? (reason I
             hadn't noticed is the search overhead is small because of the hash
             table; probably I introduced this while adding new book facilities)

           - Pondering was broken in xboard mode (it actually didn't ponder).

           - Fixed a bug that caused Pepito to crash in Leo's WBEC tournament.
             Itera function was called with no legal moves available.

           - New features:

             Added multipv analysis support.

             Mate scores are displayed correctly now in uci instead of +99XX.
             I wonder why I never got to implement that :-)

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