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Subject: Re: One mate in 10 to solve. Correction!!

Author: Uri Blass

Date: 06:29:43 08/10/02

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On August 10, 2002 at 08:58:32, leonid wrote:

>On August 10, 2002 at 08:42:53, leonid wrote:
>>This position have very simple parameter for search but in the same is slow for
>>my program. This is the reason why I prefer to say in advance its depth.
>>[D]2q1k1q1/1qrqNqr1/Q3q2Q/1QB1N1bQ/2B1N1b1/P3n2P/ppQ1n1Qp/3RKR2 w - -
>Since I was forced to come back to my position, I will put here the next 10
>moves mate that I see to be much easier.
>[D]N1q1k2r/1R1n1q1N/NbPpPrq1/1P2N1B1/1nBP2nQ/1Ppp1p2/3R4/1K3n2 w - -
>>Please indicate Your result.

Yes it is clearly easier than the first position

Movwi say mate in 10 in 14.1 seconds after calculating 1769643 on p800(16 mbytes

6 9981 1410 1769643 c6d7 f7d7 e6d7 c8d7 b7b8 d7d8 a8c7 b6c7 h7f6 g6f6 h4h8 f6h8
a6c7 e8f8 b8d8 f8g7 d8d7 g7f8 e5g6


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