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Subject: Re: Installing Scid for Linux

Author: Kunnar Klauks

Date: 23:04:01 09/01/02

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>Another question: Every time I install something in linux it seems that it is
>saving stuff in different places. What happen if I try to uninstall?

If you self compile and install programs, you do something like:

make install

now if you want to uninstall, then mostly works:

make uninstall

... in case if there is such target in Makefile. Sometimes it is different, for
example for Scid there was make distclean or something like that. If make
uninstall does not work, simply read Makefile. You may find there different
target, or find simply all installed files and delete manually.

In Linux, you can also use package system. You may download precompiled packages
and install with

rpm -i some_package.rpm

or upgrade

rpm -U some_package.rpm

or uninstall package

rpm -e some_package.rpm


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