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Subject: Re: Books that help for evaluation

Author: James Robertson

Date: 18:48:45 08/18/98

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On August 18, 1998 at 17:27:21, Peter McKenzie wrote:

>On August 18, 1998 at 10:47:07, James Robertson wrote:
>>Nimzowitsch's "My System" is a cool book that helped me admire and enjoy the
>>neat aspects of Nimzowitsch's play. However, I think his style would be
>>completely incompatible with a chess program. If a program played the way he
>>did, it would commit positional suicide, becuase his ideas are too long-range
>>for most (all?) progragrams to handle.
>Some of "My System" is definitely useful for programming an evaluation function.
> For example, there isn't there quite a bit in there about Rooks on the 7th?
>Most programs have this eval. term, its quite an important one.
>I think "My System" also talks about blockading passed pawns, this is something
>that my program doesn't have an eval. term for but I plan to add it.
>I've seen quite a few games where it would have save a half point at least.

Things like putting rooks on the 7th rank and blockading passed pawn I guess I
take for granted in a chess program; they are not Nimzowitch's ideas, and as you
say, have saved points for people, but even a lot earlier than Nimzowitch. I was
thinking more of his actual playing style as difficult for a program to handle.
His favored positions tend to have such open king positions that I think a
program would walk into an attack quite easily, without long-range human
planning. In addition, he had a penchant for positional gambits; also hard for
computers to play correctly.


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