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Subject: test position esc-movei

Author: Uri Blass

Date: 02:11:42 09/09/02

[D]5rk1/1pb5/5qb1/p2p4/2pP1pPp/P1P2P1N/NP3QP1/4RK2 b - - 0 42 am Re8

I want to change it from am to bm
I will be happy if people can help me.

Movei played Re8 and lost the game.

I found after the game that Re8 is losing material and a lot of programs play
that move.

After a better move(for example Kg7) black does not lose material(at least yace
can see no significant change in score for Kg7 even at depth 19 when depth 11 is
enough to fail low with Re8.
The question is what are the good moves to find here.

I find that a lot of programs like Re8 only to change their mind later.


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